Sunday, 6 May 2012

What a day...

Hi Guys! Just to demonstrate the loveliness of Denmark when the weather is nice I took the first picture of my cherry three in my garden, I now see that it really doesn't show as much of Denmark's charm as I had hoped but I think you would get a general idea of how lovely here is once the weather turns warm and the sky is blue and sunny(which is about 10% of the time). Okay so now that I'n done rambling about the weather which I'm sure all of you enjoyed, I just wanted to show some of the amazing things I have bought today, actually not only today my new vans are quite old but I never got around to take a picture and write a post(hence the dirtiness) I got a black silk shirt which I think is a great piece and very versatile, you can match it with almost anything. I also got these lovely high waisted Levi's short which I quite frankly adore and I can't stop picturing summer outfits where these bad boys can come out and play. All for now, so long suckers, I'm kidding I love you guys.


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