Saturday, 3 March 2012

Weekend! ♥

Hello sweethearts are you enjoying your weekend? I know I am. The first eight pictures where from this friday where a good friend of mine held a birthday party. It was really a lovely evening and night,we ate lasagna, we drank shots from ice cube glass (Awesome) and saw Southpark. Hvalsø is quite far from where I live so I stayed there for the night and took a train home early this morning. After I got home I met up with a friend and went to the mall for some power shopping, afterwards we found a cafe where we drank coke and and made our french homework(almost done). When we where tired of french we went back to the mall and met a friend who bought us cupcakes(yay) and after that we split up and went home. 
Right now I am sitting at my grandmas and grandpas right now waiting to eat a (hopefully) lovely dinner and desert.


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  1. Lækre billeder og det ser ud til at have været en super weekend :) Har du deltaget i min giveaway? :)