Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Life is good + new in!

 shir: H&M
 Crochet top: Zara
T-shirt dress: H&M

Okay, Okay I know what you must be thinking by now. Michala your life is almost only about food and I am sad(not really) to say that you are right I have a passion for food and I aint afraid to show it... I love food and I know it (dodododo). And sadly the addiction continues into this absolutely lovely sandwich with Guacamole, cheese and tomatoes. Later on (my diner) I made this delicious potato pizza and I know all of you had to get up and get a tissue so you could try to clean the giant puddle of drool that must have formed at your feet. But don't worry I don't judge. The picture of me is an awkward shot I took with my new red lipstick combo which I am loving right now. I hope you have had a good day filled with nice food.


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