Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Oasis in the city♥

I was in Christania a week ago, and took some pictures.
Here they are enjoy♥

marked where you can get almost everything




If you ever visit Copenhagen I would recommend visiting Chrisitania, it is so green and beautiful .


Monday, 23 May 2011

awww how cute♥

birds in the sky

Random pictures enjoy♥


On Strange Tides

I just go home from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean. I have seen the rest so was super excited to see what would happen in this one, and I wasn't disappointed. It was amazing. I have a thing for Johnny Depp and have seen almost all of his movies, so I had high hopes for the fourth of the POTC movies. And I was not disappointed. It had a awesome storyline, fantastic visuals and amazing acting.
what more can a girl ask for!♥

Monday, 16 May 2011


Here are some pictures from Budapest, enjoy!  

 We were in a limo!

 A memorial for the Jews killed in the second world war

 Oure hotel

Opium ice cream how awesome is that!

I was in Budapest in the Easter, and it was awesome.
I went there with some of my friends and we had a absolutely splendid time.
we walked so much my feet and legs were so sore i could barely move when i came home,
it was quite pathetic lol. The third day all of us was so tired we could barely walk home.
Besides that it was so much fun, we went swimming, to a couple of markets and also 
drove in a limo witch totally made my day.
We also visited this amazing ice cream stand which had every flavor you can imagine.