Friday, 18 March 2011

Little trip to London

so back in the beginning of this year, me and my friend Micha went to London,
and it was absolutely smashing, so fun.While we were there we shopped, went to see a play,
visited Madame Tussaud and London Dungeon and we also celebrated her birthday:D

Micha is cool in our hotel room

Me and Micha together with "Robert Pattinson"

we saw this awesome 4D movie at Madame Tussaud

okay really wierd picture but i just wanted to show the awesome marked in the background it was in Chalkfarm an area outside of London

Micha is sticking her hand inside a horse statue's nose why?:D

It was an AMAZING trip an I'm so happy to have been to such an intresting city,
with my best friend. we had so much fun, and my purse was crying afterward I just
bought a whole crap load of stuff. London Dungeon was real scary, We clung to each other
with closed eyes a lot of the time, but when we finished the tour we both were extremal proud, and we were almost invincible the rest of the day.
My experience with Madame Tussaud was fantastic when I first entered I had
butterflies in my stomach and I was extremely exited, there were so many
people trying to take pictures with all the "famous people" that it was very hard to
get pictures with some of the more popular dolls but it was
so fun to see how real they looked.
It was a trip i will never forget


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